Breaking the Stigma of Opioid Addiction

In 2017, Opioids accounted for over 47,000 deaths in the US. Though the numbers for 2018 aren’t available, no significant decline is expected. Looking beyond the deaths, we find that approximately 1.7 million Americans (or roughly 1 out of every 200 people) suffer from an active Opioid addiction. This problem cuts across all ages, races and socioeconomic statuses, meaning that those affected by Opioid addiction are not just in every community, but they’re also in every church. Jesus directs his followers to bring light into darkness, yet as long as the stigma associated with addiction remains in our churches we will fail to fulfill this call.

The No Shame Left video series was produced to help end this stigma. Every week, an untold number of people sit in the pews of your church weighed down by the shame and stigma of addiction—whether their own or that of a family member. They hide in the darkness instead of experiencing the light of the Gospel within the family of God. We cannot let this stand. Our video series is intended to begin lifting the veil of darkness over addiction—helping to bring the stories of those affected by addiction to everyone in the church. Loving those who suffer from substance use disorders should not just be a side ministry; we should actively work to incorporate these people into the life of the church the same as any liar, thief or idol worshiper. The Gospel is the message of hope and healing to all who have been beat down by sin in this world.

Check out the short intro video below and explore our Resource page to find all of the materials available to help your church better engage with the Opioid Crisis in your community.